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Packet Instant Noodles

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Packet Instant Noodles

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HWA RAMYUN(Hot & Spicy Flavor)
-Hot selling item at the Commissary
-Export exclusive product
-This is very suitable for foreign people
KOKOMEN(Oriental Jalapeno Spicy Chicken flavor)
-White Broth and no msg added
-Unique ingredient of chicken stock with refreshing and spicy flavor
TEUMSAE RAMYUN(Rich hot & Spicy Flavor)
-The Spiciest instant noodles in Korea
- No.1 Market Share in hot flavor noodles category
- Warning : Highly addictive of intensive irresistible Taste with Rich Hot & Spicy Flavor.
BIBIMMEN(Sweet & Spicy Flavor)
- Korean delicacy cuisine
- It is a dry instant noodle with spicy, sour and sweet sauce.
- No MSG added
DOSIRAC(Beef Flavor)
- Clean beef flavor with vegetable
- Paldo's best hit product DOSIRAC, Now you can enjoy with packet noodle as well
Green Tea Chlorella Noodle(Mild Flavor)
- Green noodles with green tea and chlorella
- No MSG added
- 0g Trans fat
- 120g
- Rich & Real Kimchi Flavor
- Stirfried-Kimch retort inside
- 150g
JJAJANGMEN(Black Spaghetti)
- Blackbean paste sauce inside
- Jjajang men has traditional black bean sauce cooked in open fire mixed with large chunks of meat and vegetables.
- 200g
NAMJA RAMEN(Hot & Spicy Garlic Flavor)
- Paldo instant noodle has tasty beef flavor with hot red peppers.
- Assorted Vegetables with beef stock create a very unique and a delectable soup. You will experience our chewy noodles and garlic chunks with an irresistible taste.
- 115g
ILPOOM SEAFOOD NOODLE SOUP(Hot & Spicy Seafood Soup Base)
- This noodle contains solid blocks of ocean delicacies such as squid, shrimp, mussel, and wrinkled sea squirt in a refreshing and spicy soup
- 120g
GOMTANG MEN(Beef & Mild flavor with vegetable)
- Korea's Traditional Mild Beef Soup Noodle
- Asian's Best Mild Soup Flavor
- 102g
JANG NOODLES(Soybean & Mild Flavor)
- Korean traditional soup base
- 120g


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